About Me

Writing about yourself is hard, right? I'm a tech and media guy, who slings code, builds servers, flies drones, makes television, and even voice acts occasionally.


  • IT 80%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Project Management 95%
  • Media Production 90%
  • Voice Acting 80%
  • 3D Printing 90%


Yep, that's me. In my free time I do a lot of SCUBA diving and one of the places I hang out is the Seattle Aquarium. Getting to high five kids through the glass while doing a show is always awesome.

Speaking of shows, I used to host a broadcast radio show in Olympia/Centralia/Chehalis area.

I like learning, perhaps too much. I've always got a stack of partially finished projects. My current thing? Getting back into 3D printing in a big way.

There's always more, so check out my resume by clicking below and get in contact. Thanks!

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