SBLSD Intranet

Complete redevelopment of employee and student intranet systems for Sumner-Bonney Lake School District




Research, development, user testing, launch, follow-up development, and assessment of employee and student intranet platforms.


  • Build familiarity with existing platform and explore development directions
  • Move to new platform, integrate new single sign-on system, develop new front-end
  • Launch new employee and student intranet after testing and content development
  • Follow-up development and assessment post-launch


Improve usability and findability of intranet, fix search, respond to user feedback, implement user generated content, implement staff database, integrate new single sign-on system.


Move to new platform with easier content editing, develop content style guidelines, train representatives at each department to develop and manage content, work with current IT team on SSO and staff database.


Managing expectations and time, lack of staff interest in some departments, staff pushback on new intranet, avoiding "design by committee" issues, significantly expanded timeline, SSO integration issues.


Communicate early and often, consistent updates, host training courses, work with excited staff to evangelize content ownership to other departments, open door policy for content development, work with both internal stakeholders to find compromise on contentious aspects, choose to delay until ready instead of launching half-baked product.