SBLSD Public Websites

Complete redevelopment of 15 public websites for Sumner-Bonney Lake School District




Research, development, user testing, launch, follow-up development, and assessment of 15 public websites.


  • Build familiarity with existing platform and assess needs and desires of current userbase
  • Through data gathering and user testing, develop a new look and feel
  • Develop sites and integrate with existing systems, launch sites
  • Post-launch, assess success of the new sites and make updates as necessary


Improve usability and findability of sites, fix search, respond to user feedback.


Familiarization with existing platform, user environment, and current stakeholders, including internal teams, multiple rounds of user testing and feedback, exploration of frameworks and layouts, process user statistics and launch feedback and respond with follow-up development and reporting.


Managing expectations and time, avoiding "design by committee" issues, significantly expanded timeline.


Communicate early and often, consistent updates, reach out to existing teams and the public for direction on specific issues, work with both internal stakeholders and the public to find compromise on contentious aspects, choose to delay until ready instead of launching half-baked product.