My Homelab

Personal IT production environment



The Garage

A Linux server environment with a ~100TB redundant storage array, virtualization, encrypted on and offsite backups, data processing, and archiving services, most containerized.


  • Current Array Capacity: 106TB/1PB
  • Ubiquiti Unifi Networking Environment
  • Local, 10Gb/s+ Fiber Network In Progress
  • Numerous Self-Hosted Services


Build a multi-processor, high speed, redundant storage array to run many software services and archiving at a reasonable price. Future expandability is key.


Utilize largely surplused and refurbished enterprise hardware for intial server (SuperMicro), storage expansion (NetApp), and rack (Dell). Dockerize any software possible, virtualization for anything else.


Noise issues (not entirely unexpected), Docker inconsistency, cost, grounding issues (touching the rack would result in a low-grade electric shock), processing speed bottleneck, network bottleneck.


"Shuck" external hard drives to reduce cost, replace fans, replace processors, replace power supplies, move some software from Docker to dedicated VM, test wiring to find and fix grounding issue, bump RAM, implement 10Gb/s+ fiber network (in progress), learn and implement rsync and rclone cron jobs. Future addition of Dell R720 or equivalent planned.