UW Media Production Lab

Lab of ~60 computers and related infrastructure



University of Washington

I singlehandedly managed and maintained a lab of ~60 computers, including multiple file servers, lab-wide backups, a local wireless and wired network, and more.


  • PC/Mac Environments
  • Development of Lab-Wide Encrypted Local & Offsite Backup System
  • Maintenance & Implementation of Upgrades
  • Directly Assisting Users "IT Front Desk"


Provide a stable, high-uptime computing environment for print, photo, video, and audio production.


Beyond implementing standard IT practices, installing a new server environment for backups and local file sharing as well as faster access points.


Consistent wireless connectivity problems with many machines, zero backups (initially), messy, inconsistent local file sharing, frequent downtime.


Move all machines on wireless LAN to wired where possible, reflash access point firmware, begin replacement of access points, rewire sections of network, install new, redundant storage array and new server, clean and implement improved filesharing setup, implement encrypted backups (G Suite), hardware upgrades/replacements where necessary, develop further upgrade plans for network, server, and user machines.