Nuclear Reactor Building Preservation

Extremely high quality digital preservation of the More Hall Annex



University of Washington

Planning, production, and release of extremely high resolution digital preservation of the entire More Hall Annex building (Reactor Building) on the University of Washington campus.


  • Development of 360/virtual reality preservation process
  • Direct work with client on project needs and scope
  • Planning and production of project
  • Delivery and release


Digitally preserve the More Hall Annex/Reactor Building as completely and as high quality as possible.


Extremely high resolution, stitched "photo spheres" of major locations. Photogrammetry if possible.


Data handling, processing time, consistency of photos shot, production time overall.


Develop efficient shooting-editing-delivery workflow, offload initial data to separate machine for sorting, batch process on a faster machine, experiment with lighting to improve consistency, communicate production time concerns and bring on and manage assistants.